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Synergy World, Inc., the processing company has moved away from the physical computing environment. The transition to a cloud based computing model allows improved manageability, increased reliability, scalability, security and the flexibility to adjust resources rapidly.

Increased Reliability

Synergy Experiences increased reliability because Cloud Servers are not hardware dependent.
If a physical server experiences failure, the resources that the physical server was providing can now be provided by another virtual server, so that there is virtually zero downtime.


Operating Virtual Machines allows Synergy World, Inc. to add additional servers, RAM, hard drive space ...
And computing resources as we increase our operational requirements. This can be accomplished without any downtime, which is a significant advantage.


Cloud providers in data centers have better security mechanisms in place and are attentive to security risks throughout the entire stack.
Cloud providers are much better at systematic security services, such as looking out for attacks using pattern matching technology.


Using a cloud infrastructure increases the manageability of cloud resources.
One call to our cloud provider and we can provision additional resources with 15 minutes.
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