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Rewards Example

120 Points – Star Wash

150 Points = 3-Star Wash

180 Points = 4-Star Wash

220 Points = 5-Star Wash

280 Points = Ultra Star Wash


Rebate Rewards

A percentage of the customer’s purchases is automatically loaded on their reward card for their next visit. For Example: If a customer spends $100.00, a $10.00 Reward is loaded on their account for their next visit. (10% of their purchases)


Increasing Discount

Customers receive a discount on their first visit. Their discount increases with each additional visit. Customers must spend a “minimum amount” in order to qualify for the increasing discount. Discounts can re-set after 30 days, 60 days, 120 days, etc.


Increasing Discount Example

If the customer returns to the business 3 times within one month, they would qualify for the 25% Discount

Visit 1 – 10% Discount
Visit 2 = 15% Discount
Visit 3 = 20% Discount

Word-Of-Mouth Loyalty Program (WOM)

Word of Mouth rewards programsWord-of-Mouth (WOM) Advertising is the MOST powerful and cost effective form of marketing. It’s the best way to reach your target audience. Synergy has developed an innovative loyalty program that encourages and tracks word of mouth referrals for your business.

By implementing Synergy’s WOM strategy you can take control of your marketing, increase positive word of mouth, develop new business alliances, increase profits and decrease your advertising expenses.


1. Social Media / Cardless Word-of-Mouth

2. Linking Physical Reward Cards to a “Primary Card”.

3. Paper Coupon Offers with a Referral ID


Contact Synergy for more information on our innovative Word-of-Mouth Loyalty programs.


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