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San Diego Restaurant Gift Card

Be part of the “Synergy Gift Card Network” and promote your restaurant to Costco Members. Costco members purchase two $50.00 Gift Cards for $79.99, and can use the Gift Card at over 100 participating restaurants.

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Synergy Card Network

Be part of the “Synergy Card Network” and promote your restaurant to thousands of local consumers. Simply offer customers a reward or discount when they use the Synergy Card at your business. When customers earn a reward, they can ONLY redeem their reward at your location, creating a loyal customer.


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Promote your restaurant and sell your Gift Cards on

Fundraise with Synergy Logo

When members of your organization purchase Gift Cards from a percentage of each sale is donated to the organization.

Text to table Notifications

Notify your customers via text message when their table is ready.

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On-line ordering for your restaurant

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