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Custom Gift Cards

Not only are Gift Cards convenient and easy to use, they are a cost-effective means of replacing paper gift certificates.

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Products Custom Reward Cards Synergy Red Wine Dining

Custom Reward Cards

Synergy World can implement a variety of Reward Programs and can customize a loyalty program based on your marketing needs.

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Loyalty Marketing Products World Wide Phone

Loyalty Marketing

Customers are the biggest asset to any business and keeping them loyal should be the number one priority.

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Geo Fencing iBeacon Synergy Products

Geo Fencing/ iBeacon

Know where your customers are and send special loyalty offers via push notifications. Merchants have the ability to implement Geo-Fencing technology and enhance their loyalty program even more.

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Software Integrations Products Synergy Keyboard Typing


Synergy World has adopted a Cloud Computing service model, which provides a reliability that significantly distinguishes us from our competitors and offers significant advantages to our clients and card users.

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POS Point of Sale Integrations Products Synergy

POS Integrations

Synergy has integrated with popular Point of Sale Systems and Terminals, and will continue to integrate with POS systems. Synergy also offers an API for website and application integration.

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