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Gift Cards have been the most requested item on holiday wish lists the last 7 years (from 2007-2013). At Synergy we implement a fully customizable Gift Card and Rewards Card marketing program to help you acquire new customers while building stronger and loyal relationships with existing clients.

The average gift card user ends up spending and extra 20% beyond the value of the card, and with our system we reward them for doing so. Synergy helps your business thrive by encouraging customers to continue being customers. 

Not only are Gift Cards convenient and easy to use, they are a cost-effective means of replacing paper gift certificates. At Synergy we promote the use of customizable Gift Cards to expand your business and build lasting relationships with clients through our unique cards program. We offer Virtual Gift Cards, Mobile Payments, Multiple Location Tracking, Complete Customization, and much more!

Synergy designs a custom rewards program to fit your business. Cardholders earn 1 point for every $1.00 they spend and when they reach specified point thresholds a reward is automatically loaded on their account. Additionally we create a website where your customers can “Register” for the rewards program, view transaction history, update their profile and check balances.

Through a carefully designed system, Synergy combines your business with the Gift and Rewards Card programs, to create a personalized marketing campaign that will help you reach new clients while strengthening your existing relationships. Through a combination of text, e-mail, and online mediums, Synergy ensures the growth of your business, so lets start by building our own relationship!

Gift Card Facts

  • The most profitable square foot of selling space
  • Purchases are between 20% and 50% higher then average
  • Most common Gift Card is $25
  • Typically result in 50-100% increase in sales
  • 61% of users spend more than the card value
  • 75% of those spend 60% over the card value

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